HELP Please help me!!!

Hello please help me? I am conecting to the neighbours wifi router and I am using their internet the thing is that I want to see their files? Is there a way to access their hdd and copy files from it to my pc? Please tell me if there is a software to do that or how???

Thank you!!!

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Curly Bill

On Fri, 08 Jun 2007 10:10:46 -0400, va22il sez:


1) Double-click on My Computer, then right-click on your C: drive.

2) Click on Sharing and Security (depending on your version of Windows it might just say Sharing).

3) Put a dot next to Share This Folder.

4) If there is a button that says New Share, click that and give it a share name - usually just the letter C is sufficient. Otherwise, if you can type in a share name on the first screen, do that and leave the share name just plain C with no punctuation.

5) Click OK to save your changes.

6) Now get to the DOS command prompt. Usually that will be from the Start button, then Programs (might say All Programs), and if you are on Windows 98 it's there under MS-DOS Prompt. Otherwise, go into Accessories and click on Command Prompt. You should be on a black screen where you can type commands.

7) Type: IPCONFIG and press {ENTER}. I need to know your IP address. Post that back here when you have done these steps, and you should be able to get into your neighbor's files with no trouble at all.
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Peter B. Steiger

Try Google if you are trying to HACK into your neighbor's computer. You are a loser.

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