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I have a wireless home network using a Linksys WRT54G router. I want to access my xp pro machine remotely (from work). I setup everything on my computer and the remote access works fine from another machine on my network. I configured my router to use port forwarding so incoming requests to port 3389 would be forwarded to my computer. The problem is my ISP has a firewall and I cannot get to my home network using the IP assigned by my ISP. He told me I have to setup a VPN instead. How do I go about accessing my home network through a VPN? I think the Linksys router has the ability to define a VPN, but I'm not super smart on doing this and need some guidance. Thanks for any help.

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I hate to sound like a old-fart, but if your place of work allows you to setup a remote connection to your home computer during business hours, they will also be able to tell you how to do this.

You don't need a VPN, and it would be a bad idea, as anything compromising your home computer would be able to get back into the company network also.

If you want to do this, there are many remote control applications not blocked by ISP's that are both easy to setup and free.

Talk to your company IT person, they will tell you what to do if they permit the connection - which I would guess they don't.

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So, you're going to put the company's network and its security at risk by making contact with your most likely none secure and wireless no-less hack able or compromise able home network. And you going to go wild and start surfing the Web, read your emails, start xfering files from home to work that could lead to a compromise or whatever else you're planning to do that could lead to a compromise situation. And you want to use a VPN connection. ;-) You do know that there must be two valid VPN end-points either software to software or hardware to hardware VPN connections for it to be valid connection. They will spot your unauthorized usage of the network and cut you off. I have seen employees with far less security infractions than what you're trying to do either be terminated or severely reprimanded.

Secondly, do you not think that the network security admin or department doesn't watch all traffic coming and leaving the company's network? Heck, I found out the other day that they have a back door on the machines at work and can monitor everything that's happening at the workstation and they do watch.

After all, this is the Security and Firewalls NG and the Top Guns don't like seeing this kind of post. ;-)

Duane :)

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