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Hi all,

When placing a VPN router/server inside a firewalled network, I assume it will be fine to just attach one LAN-side port to the local LAN, and not have a connection to the vpn router's WAN port. Yes?

My firewall router is a Linksys WRT54G v3.0 running HyperWRT v15c. I'm using this setup because I need lots of ports forwarded (more than what's available with the standard firmware), and I need to be able to forward GRE using iptables. And I'd like to keep the firewall separate from the vpn endpoint.

For the vpn endpoint I'll be using a Netscreen, Netgear, D-Link, or Linksys. The client will be an XP laptop running a clinet that's IPsec

-- either the vpn device's proprietary client or TheGreenBow, etc.

Alternately, I could move the WRT54G to the inside and use it as just a wireless access point, but I'd need to port-forward 30+ ports. (usually soho routers only allow 10 or so.)

I've had trouble setting up various software VPN servers:

A) XP host inside private network listening for VPN conections: -- I forwarded nececary ports, plus used IP tables to be sure the GRE is forwarded. -- Got 721 error. Tried & tried & tried. No joy.

B) OpenVPN running on same XP box: -- Bridged network and Tapi interfaces. -- On laptop, worked okay, but soon stopped. -- Note, when switching from Ethernet to Wireless must delete bridege, recreate & rename bridge on new interface. PITA.

So, what's the popular physical arrangement for a soho VPN box inside the firewalled home LAN?

Thanks in advance.

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