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I have a problem setting ip icmp rate-limit using IOS 12.4(T) (I also have a later experimental one which fixes one(!) of the bugs in DDNS I've noticed... seems to do the same thing).

If I do:

conf t ip icmp rate-limit unreachable 500 exit sh run

The command does not get saved & does not appear in the output (or in the saved config when it's written back to the tftp server).

If I instead do conf t ip icmp rate-limit unreachable 500 log exit sh run

The command is saved, but without the 500:

.. ip icmp rate-limit unreachable log ...

If this is stored on the next boot it causes a syntax error during bootup.

I hesitate to report this to TAC because (a) it's damned obvious and someone has probably already reported it, and (b) a simple (well it started simple... I found 2 more in the meantime) DDNS issue has so far taken 2.5 months and they need a *lot* of documentation (not just traces and config showing the error, but you have to go through the whole thing again when they've 'fixed' it), and I can't be bothered going through that when I can edit the config on the tftp with a text editor.

Of course in practice this command is non-persistent across reboots now, unless I can figure a way of making the router read the tftp on each boot (which might not be a great idea anyway.. eg. if the tftp server is offline for each reason).

How have others worked around this?


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Tony Hoyle
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