Buy Cisco 3000 concentrator?

I will be implementing a new Cisco VPN solution at my current company. I've used Cisco in the past at a previous company and am familiar with the 3000 concentrators. I have no experience with the ASA 5500 series.

If I only plan on using the VPN portion, should I consider buying the ASA 5500 anyway? Or just stick with the 3000 concentrator?

How is the interface on the ASA? IOS like? GUI?

Is the 3000 series being phased out any time soon?


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The ASA 5500 as a VPN option/bundle, that really kicks VPN3000 wayout No doubt - Get that one !

My guess, is as yours: Yes the VPN will go away in some point in future. Said that - Support costs can sometimes be an issue. Cisco will support both devices way out in future, and with time you will get the ASA to know better too.

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Martin Bilgrav

How is the interface? All GUI? commandline?

I'm pretty good with IOS, but I actually have no desire for command line with this particular need. I need to teach others to monitor the VPN connections and GUI would be easier to configure and teach.

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Hi Rob,

If you can configure IOS, then there are no problems configuring ASA, as there also is very good documentation at

I would go for the ASA, because it the successor for the concentrator (and for IDS and for PIX).

Another reason may be the costs for an smartnet-contract, if I remember correctly, for the concentrator is as twice so high as for the ASA.

The new PIXOS v7 (it's now the same as on PIX) is much more IOS-alike than the previous versions were. It now supports the tab-completion of commands, the syntax of config-file is also more like IOS too. (interface, etc.)

The GUI is the ASDM, you can use it, but you won't. :-)

So long, Andre

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