SDM no longer works

Just purchased a used 1760 router, and I was wondering if someone here could help me get the SDM interface working again. I'm new to Cisco and am learning on the fly.

I set up the router and everything worked fine. I was able to log in using the SDM interface on my desktop (the router only has 16MB of flash memory, so I can't install it on the router). Then, I turned off the router and moved it to a different room. Now, when I try to access it with SDM, I get an error saying the router IOS image does not work with SDM.

Here's my best guess as to what went wrong: dummy me didn't save any of the initial configuration settings before turning off the router. So I had to essentially turn on all of http services again, per the SDM instructions.

Can anyone recommend a way to get SDM working again (without resetting the router to factory settings)? I don't mind using command line, but I'm worried that there is something else wrong that is keeping SDM from working.

Thanks, Joseph

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Joseph O'Brien
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