IP nat inside source command.

Guys I was wondering if there is a way to use two IP nat overload command poingting to different serial ports. I have tried putting the commands twice but the last one always replaces the first one. Below is the full command I am talking about. Thank you.

ip nat inside source list 155 interface Serial3/0 overload

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Yes you can. (I guess)

My understanding is that when "NAT" is configured it is "activated" by a packet crossing from a NAT "inside" interface to a NAT "outside" interface (and/or/sometimes vice versa).

When such a packet is being processed the "ip nat ..." commands are scanned for a match. If an interface was specified in the NAT command I would hope that this was considered when looking for a match.

Maybe you need to specify a different ACL from 155 for the other command. This other ACL could of course have identical contents.

I seem to recall some recommendation that the same ACL should not be used for different purposes.

This problem does surprise me, but I cannot recall dealing with NAT in a case where there was more than one outside interface. We live in dreary times:-)

I have now done a wee test.

ip nat inside source list 180 interface Loopback20 overload ip nat inside source list 181 interface Loopback10 overload

I had to specify two ACLs as suspected.

Let's hope that you get the result that you want. It is possible that if the lists are identical then the first matching ACL will always be used even if the traffic is heading out of different interface from the one specified in the NAT command.

Yours quite surprised.

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