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I'm using XP Pro and now with IE as my default the SDM Launcher launches IE but even though I have requested the IP a little dialog box appears asking for the IP again. Once entered I then get a familiar page saying don't close this, followed by a request for my SSH details. I have to confess I do not link to my router using a secure link (no https). I should, I belive be asked for my "simple" username and password. I did not tick the https option on connection. What now please?

I have a 857 box and used to connect fine until my laptop needed to be rebuilt. Just can't find the option, if indeed there was one, for non- SSH connection.

Thanks in advance.

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If you are using telnet make sure you have telnet (or whatever networks you want to allow). If using SSH make sure you have a domain name and generate a key using "crypto key gen rsa mod 1024" or something similiar, then save the key and do an ssh outside (or inside).

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using XP Pro and now with IE as my default the SDM Launcher

I'm not using SSH nor do I wish to. I am trying to connect using the SDM web interface. I can't connect therefore I can't check or amend any settings. Nothing has changed on the router so what can I do to connect please. It used to work fine, all that has changed is a new laptop. SDM should not be launching or requesting SSH username and passwords. Should I reset to factory settings and then once finally connected import my latest dump of the settings? I am beginning to lose the will to live right now....

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