HWIC-AP for 2600 Series


Does anyone know if the Wireless Interface Card, Cisco HWIC-AP, will work on a Cisco 2611 router?

According to the Cisco website...

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...it only works on 1800 2800 and 3800 series routers? Do you think Cisco will ever add support for the 2600 series routers?



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Nope It will not work.

No. The 2600 router will be replaced by the 2800 router.

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Martin Kiefer

No, its an HWIC card, which is a faster interfaces than the WIC that the 2600 is. The WIC bus is slower than the speeds this interface card can push.

No, the 2600 routers are EOL'd. End of maintenance is coming up soon, April 26, 2006. I'm surprised the 2600XM hasn't been EOL'd yet. I expect that to happen soonish.

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Doug McIntyre

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