Developing applications for Cisco routers


I have a few questions:

I would like to know how to develop application for Cisco routers.

What language should be used to be able to hook into Cisco call libraries.

What libraries are available.

Sample application description.

Basically any useful info that explains how to develop apps for Cisco routers.

Thank you in advance

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Umm, there aren't any?

Replace "Cisco Routers" with "Ford Cars" and your posting makes just about as much sense.

Cisco's routers are a closed platform, they don't run applications.

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Doug McIntyre

So as far as I understand, IOS is a closed and proprietory OS that no one can write programs for?

Is there an API document for it?

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If there were, it wouldn't be a "closed and proprietary OS that no one can write programs for."

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Barry Margolin


If you're serious about developing tools witch interoperate with Cisco products your company should register at the "Cisco Technology Developer Program". Then you will probably get access to specific "insider" information.

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Otherwise you might find some information or examples at COSI:
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Best regards Roberto wrote:

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Roberto Giana

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Apps that interact with routers, not that hook into the OS.


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Alan Strassberg

Some IOS platforms support Tcl as a general scripting language, which may or may not meet your needs (which are ...?)

Do be aware that our Tcl implementation is still rather green so if you code vigorously, expect to uncover some infelicities.


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