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Hello, I want to be able to manage my incoming or outgoing phones from my computer. I am using "Cisco IP Phone 7940 Series", Actually, what i want to do is this :

1- I want to see from my computer screen that who did call me at what time 2- I want to be able to see my missed calls from my computer screen. 3- I want to be able to see the total speaking time after my phone conversation is over. 4- I want to be able to get reports such that a) At what day, how much time and with who did I speak b) How much time do i spend my time by talking via phone ( average time would be enough )

Does anyone know a software that has the above abilities? If there is already a software that meets my wants, I wont waste my time in order to develop such one.

Any help appriciated. Thanks in advance. Best Regards


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The development pathway: Net::SIP comes with a simple SIP proxy which is trivial to expand. You will want to enforce 'Record Route'.

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