Cisco IOS tftp client, supports rfc2348 (blksize) ?

Basically IOS is getting bigger and bigger. Even if I have a tftp server that supports BLKSIZE, and can xfer files > 32mb, is IOS going to set this and be able to handle this ? I understand use ftp/http/etc etc. That's all fine, but what if for whatever reason you only have access to tftp. Are we simply hitting the wall in IOS size vs. tftp protocol limits ?

I've searched on this already, this group, Google and CCO, and found things mentioning how to get a server that supports >16/32/xxmb files, but nothing talks about IOS internals on how this is handled. Thanks in advance for any info.

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There is no reason to care.

serv-u is your friend.

Sorry, but your question makes as much sense to me as asking how to install IOS on a cisco router without a computer, just in case you had to do it one day.

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Thanks for living up to usenet reply standards. Instead of 'I don't know', your answer is '(noun|verb) is your friend'.

Yes, I'm guessing that by serv-u you mean an FTP server, of which this is your favorite one ? Again, I'm aware of this (per my original post), thanks, but I still would like to know if IOS, internally, is capable of transferring a file

required to make this happen.

I'll >

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You can do that. But you still need a blender.

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Off course it's supported on the IOS side. The reason you can't find any documentation on it is because there is no reason you should care. Do you really think that Cisco would put out an IOS that you can't load, and if they did, don't you think you would find some documentation telling you that?

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Supporting TFTP for files larger than 32 MB and supporting RFC 2348 are NOT the same thing.

To support RFC2348, the client should provide the ability to specifiy the BLKSIZE parameter. AFAIK this is not currently possilbe in IOS

Cisco CRS-1 IOS XR ROMMON does support RFC 2348

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