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Hi guys,

I have a Cisco phone 7970 running on Call Manager 4.1, i am having a problem in the device defaults, not updating after i upgrade using the exe file.

Is there a work around in the TFTPpath?

Regards, Andy.

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can you please provide little more details in this regard as i think this setting is in Call Manager through which you set default load information(file to load), Device pool and Phone template.

and yes phone load these settings through TFTP settings


Andy wrote:

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If you are talking about upgrading the phone loads, and after you install the new load and reset the phone, the load does not take. This is verifiable by either going to the phones web GUI, or looking under model information under settings....try these 2 things

  1. restart the tftp service,
  2. on the phone (for a 7970) press **#, this will unlock the phone settings and an erase button becomes visable. Press erase and the phone will wipe all of it's config. and reload. **FYI on a older 7940/60, unlock the phone as before but highlight network settings and select more.
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Sorry guys,

I got so busy, that i had to put this problem on the side.

The phone is not booting at all now, when i upgrade or downgrede the phone image using the exe file from cisco, it does not change in the device defaults, i am running Callmanager 4.1 as a VMware image.

I will contact Cisco, and when resolved i will post it.

Regards, Andy

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