Cisco Ip Phones time display problem

Hello everyone

I've got a problem with displaying time on ip phones. I'll start from the beggining. router 2821 with Cisco Call Manager Express, and 3 ip phones: one 7960g, and two 7970g.

On router there is correct date and time( for example 10:10 17.01.2007 ) , but on every phone there is a different time. The date and minutes are correct on every phone, but the hour is different. On the first 7970 there is one hour back ( 09:10 17.01.2007) on second 7970 there is 11:10

17.01.2007 and on 7960 date and time is correct (10:10 17.01.2007 ). When the phones start, date and time are changing 3 times. I can't find any settings in the xml code file for 7960, and now ( for a test ) I've deleted the xml settings files for both 7970 from router and the situation haven't changed. I'am out of ideas for this....

Thanks for help

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Hi Jarry,

You may wish to make sure you are getting the correct firmware loads for your IP Phones on your router as it could be missing some of the tftp-server flash: commands for your IP Phone load files.


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Are you running CME? What version? Do you have NTP running on the router? What phone load are you using?

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Hello again

I've resolved the problem. There were different time zone on the router and in every xml file.

Thanks everyone for Your help.

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