Cisco Works LMS 2.6 device update

I am trying to update my devices on CiscoWorks LMS 2.6

After downloading the updates from Cisco, I select the RME package to update, and then point it to my folder that I downloaded to. For some reason none of the updates install, as per the event log message:

Resource Manager Essentials Installing Device Package(s), invoked from GUI 25 Feb 2007,09:00:50 GMT Install Device Package(s) Executed

ERROR: Error while installing (SharedDcmaSFS)

ERROR: Error while installing (CatGL3)

ERROR: Error while installing (SharedHelpSC)

ERROR: Error while installing (Rtr3800)

ERROR: Error while installing (Cat3560)

ERROR: Error while installing (Pix)

This is the error I get, no apparent reason why. I have tried shutting down all RME services, but this doesn't help at all.

Updating Cisco View went OK, so I don't think it's me.

Has anyone had any experience with this?



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Hi James, Are you upgrading from 2.5 or an earlier version?

Are you following the order below?

Common Services: 3.0.3 then Resource manager Essentials: 4.0.3, then Campus Manager: 4.0.3, then Device Fault Manager: 2.0.3 and then Internetwork Performance Monitor: 2.6. Once all these are installed correctly installed, install LAN Management Solution: 2.6

Regards, Andy

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Hi Andy,

I was working with LMS 2.5. I updated this with the December 2005 update, then onto the LMS 2.6 update. This all went without a hitch and works fine. However, what I'm trying to do now is update the devices in RME. Common services picked up these updates, downloaded them, and when I try and install them, I keep getting these errors. I have tried everything. I just deleted my existing 2960 package, and tried installing the new 2960 package, but yet again, it failed.

I'm running out of ideas and things to try now.


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