Cisco 2800 series router - PSTN gateway?

Hi all. I have a 2811 router that I'd like to get a little more usage from. While the Cisco marketing is a little vague, I believe this router can act as a PSTN to VOIP (on my LAN) gateway. Has anyone done this, and if so, what is involved? Thanks all.


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Yes, with the right cards and feature sets you can do lots of things.

The easier route probably is to start out with one of the VICs, like a VIC-2FXO-M2 and a PVDM2 DSP card to stick into the box.

You'll have to run a Voice feature set too to pick it up.

The harder part then is to utilize it. A plain gateway is just that, a gateway for something else to gateway to the POTS line.

The something else could be CCME on the box to turn it into a little PBX if you also get some cisco IP phones (although the latest CCME supports stock SIP phones now as well).

Or, maybe an asterisk system, or something that can take a dialplan and route calls through the gateway.

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