Turn-Key Calling Card Solution W/ Cisco Gateway (8T1/E1)

Doretel Communications, Inc. has a special on Calling Card Prepaid/Postpaid Platforms.

The Calling Card platform includes:

- Billing Software

- Radius/AAA Server

- TFTP Server

- IVR Server

- ANI/Caller ID

- Pinless Prepaid

- Pinless Postpaid

- Pinless Authorized Account Service

- Calling Card User Web-Access Interface Module

- Online Calling Card Purchasing Module

The Cisco Gateway depending on the config is:

- Cisco AS535-8T1-192-AC

- Cisco AS535-8E1-210-AC

Click here for a more indept view of the Calling Card Platform:

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Click here for a more indept view of the Cisco AS5350 VoIP Gateway:
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For a limited time we are selling a Calling Card solution including a Cisco AS5350 VoIP Gateway set up for 8E1/8T1's for $32,800

If you would like a demo of our Calling Card Solution or if you have any other questions please contact us:)

Note - We can provide A-Z Wholesale rates as well as Calling Card Design and Printing.

We are a Cisco Partner and we specialize in Cisco VoIP AS5350, AS5350XM, AS5400, AS5400XM, AS54HPX, AS5850 Universal Gateways, PGW-2200 SS7/C7 PSTN SoftSwitch Solutions, SIP Proxy Server Solutions, Calling Card Platform Solutions, Prepaid/Postpaid Platform Solutions, CMS Billing Platform Solutions, Call Relay Billing Platforms, WholeSale VoIP Billing Solution, 1-800 International/Universal Toll Free Services, Call Center Build-Outs/Consulting, VoIP Engineering, VoIP Consulting, International A-Z Wholesale Minutes, Quintum VoIP Products, Small-Medium-Large VoIP Phone Systems and much more. For a birds eye view please browse our site.

Visit us online today...

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Shane Breen Doretel Communications, Inc. Director of Sales & Marketing Cisco Registered Partner Office: 404.755.5721 Fax: 404.529.4617 snipped-for-privacy@doretel.com AIM: shanebreen2003

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