Need help with STATIC command!

Hi, all! Using a PIX 515e (IOS 12.3)...

Basically, I need to be able to translate (STATIC command) any traffic from a given subnet ( on a given port (5000) to a single inside IP ( and port (5000). My hangup at this point is the subnet masks, I think. On one side I have to use a mask of .0, but I need a mask of .255 on the inside specifically. Will the below STATIC work for me?

static (inside, outside) tcp 5000 5000 netmask

Essentially, any port 5000 traffic on the outside subnet (all 255 possible machines) has to be sent to a single device on the inside subnet.

Is this do-able? Thanks! Jack

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Sorry, the PIX does not run on IOS 12.3, please paste a show version from the firewall.

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Chad Mahoney

You're correct, my bad. It's running 6.3(4). Sorry, was looking at something else when I wrote the original post.

So, what do you think about my question?

Thanks, Jack

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You can't do that in the way it is phrased.

access-list six5000 permit tcp host eq 5000 static (inside,outside) tcp interface 5000 5000 access-list six5000

This presumes that the public IP that those hosts are talking to, that represents to the outside world, is your outside interface IP. If not, replace the word 'interface' with the public IP.

I'm not completely sure this will work. I'd have to think back and try to remember exactly how statics with access-lists work, which is not well documented. I did get clarification from the TAC at one point, but I no longer have access to that case.

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