Cisco 1721 strange problems


i´ve some strange problems with my cisco 1721. i´ve 2 similar 1721 routers, with different ios versions. one router works correctly, i can configured it without problems.

the other one (router2) didn´t find the wic-1t cards in the wic-slots. "show diag" give no result. in the router1 the wic-1t cards work. as far is i know the wic-1t cards are compatible to all ios-versions. right?

on router2 is cisco ios ver 12.2(7r)XM1.

the second problem is, i wan´t update the cisco ios anyway. but every tftp connection told me an socket-error. the router and the tftp-server are in the same subnet. with router1 the tftp-connection to the same tftp-server from the same switch works. i changed the switch but the same result.

so i googled and found some enteries with always the 1721 router, but no solution for the tftp-problem.

has anybody some ideas?

thanks for help.


ps: hope u understand my english ;-)

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