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I have a Cisco 1721 with a fasteth0 (10/100) Interface for LAN and and a eth0 (10BT) for WAN.

Is it possible to program the eth0 to use SHDSL at a external SHDSL - Modem? What protocol do i need on that interface?

Thanks b.vonken

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Bernd Vonken
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No, the 1721 Ethernet interfaces are for Ethernet connections only and cannot be used to connect to a DSL device IN DSL MODE. The physical connector is different, Ethernet interface usually uses RJ45 while DSL usually uses RJ11 or RJ12. You cannot connect the RJ45 to RJ11/RJ12.

This means that. your DSL device probably has 1 x WAN interface (the DSL RJ11/RJ12 interface), and 1 x LAN interface (the RJ45 Ethernet interface). The later can probably talk to your 1721 using a standard Ethernet configuration. Also note that the WAN interface on the DSL device MUST be able to talk to your DSL providers DSL equipment. This could be any one of the DSL variants, ADSL/SHDS/VDSL, etc...


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As Peter says you cannot simply connect an ethernet interface to SDSL. However there are two options. A google search for [SDSL modem] returns links to a number of devices that might be suitable for your use. Alternatively you could install a Cisco SDSL card in your router.

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Table 2 WAN Support for the Cisco 1721 WIC-1SHDSL

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