help needed Cisco 1721

I have a cisco 1721 router which we connect to corporate office with serial interface with a leased line having a VPN tunnel now we are moving to frame relay which is new to me, what are the configurations changes i have to do to enable it into frame relay I am attaching the samle configuration with the leased line.

Thanks in advance

interface Tunnel1

bandwidth 128 ip address x x x x. o ip redirects ip mtu 1440 ip nhrp authentication ip nhrp map multicast dynamic ip nhrp map xxxx xxxx ip nhrp map multicast xxxxx ip nhrp network-id 1 ip nhrp holdtime 300 ip nhrp nhs xxxx

ip ospf network broadcast no ip mroute-cache delay 2000 tunnel mode gre multipoint tunnel key 10204

! interface Loopback1 description [Router Loopback] ip address x x x x x x x x ! interface FastEthernet0 description [Local LAN] ip address x x x x x x x x

speed auto ! interface Serial0 bandwidth 128 ip address a b c d . no ip redirects no ip unreachables no ip proxy-arp !

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It looks like you are using DMVPN currently

Will the new frame-relay circuit be between your remote site and tyour ISP ISP or between your remote site and your corporate office?

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Thanks for the reply

Its betwen remote site and the corporate office.


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oops sorry for the mistake its between remote site and isp


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