Cheap CISCO routers ?

What is the cheapest CISCO router with atleast the following specs :

  1. 2 Ethernet connections (preferably 10/100 on both sides)
  2. OSPF support
  3. Can handle "10Mbps" of "normal" traffic

Regards André Paulsberg

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André Paulsbe
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In article , =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Andr=E9_Paulsberg?= wrote: :What is the cheapest CISCO router with atleast the following specs :

:1. 2 Ethernet connections (preferably 10/100 on both sides) :2. OSPF support :3. Can handle "10Mbps" of "normal" traffic

If the third criteria is to be understood as 10 Mbps sustained of short packets, then the answer used to be a model near the high end of the

3600 line -- everything less either couldn't come close to 10 Mbps or else could only handle 10 Mbps sustained when larger packets were being used.

In the last year or so, the cost equations have changed a fair bit if you are looking for an official purchase (not eBay). The 2851 or 2871 could probably handle the traffic (not the 2811!); and Cisco introduced the Express 500 series too recently for me to find performance information yet.

If by "OSPF support" you mean "must be able to route according to OSPF policies flowing from elsewhere", then possibly the cheapest that fits your criteria would be the Cisco PIX 506E firewall. Yes, seriously -- the PIX throughput figures are much higher than the Cisco routers in the same price range. But the PIX OSPF support is not as rich as you might require.

You might also want to consider the Cat 3750 "Multilayer switch" (I don't remember at the moment if the 3550 has OSPF support.) Again it would depend on what OSPF features you needed.

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Walter Roberson

Hi Andr=E9,

You may find the Cisco Product Advisor helpful:

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as well as the Cisco Solution Designer:

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Brad Reese BradReese.Com Cisco Repair Service Experts

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Hendersonville Road, Suite 17 Asheville, North Carolina USA 28803 USA & Canada: 877-549-2680=20 International: 828-277-7272

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3550's do OSPF and BGP, only useful routing features I've found they don't do are NAT and IPSec.
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Mark Lar

OK , I must have left out too much information .

I don't need a fully bloated OSPF 10/100Mbps , and a 37xx series cost 100 X what we could afford . I need something more like the Cisco 831 router ( at present we have used the SOHO91 router :-)

The most important about OSPF is not getting the correct routes to the tiny router , but sending all the local networks on ALL these tiny routers to our main routers so we don't have to manually setup/change static routes everywhere in our backbone .

The traffic requirement is the not so important , but it would be nice if the router could handle

800 - 1200 PPS ( packets per second ) i real life. The 83x has a "raw" performance of 8500 PPS , but I have no idea what it can handle in real life .

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I will look more into cisco models 2851 and 2871 , too see if theas mcan work for me :)

Regards André Paulsberg

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