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I was wondering if someone can answer a few questions in regards to connecting a Cisco 1924 Switch to a Cisco 2500 Router. I have a 1924 switch with 1 AUI, 1 console, and AUX port in the back,..... 24

10/Ethernet ports and 2 100/Ethernet ports in the front. I also have a 2500 series Router, it has 1 AUI, 2 serial interface, console port, and AUX port in the back. My questions is as follows:

1.) What type of cable is need to connect a Cisco 1924 Switch to a Cisco 2500 router?

2.) Can you describe what the cable looks like? 3.) Can you describe how the physical connect is setup using the Proper cable? 4.) once the connect is established is there anything else that is required for proper communication?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks again.

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Real Simple

1) A straight through cable 2) Rj-45 (searxch google for pinout) 3) Huh? 4) configuring the ip address and subnet of the ethernet on the router

I think you still need to get a ethernet module for that router though, i don't think their is any other way of connecting a router to a switch with out it.

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You also need an Ethernet Transciever. This is a little device about the size of a box of paperclips. It plugs into the 15-pin AUI socket on the 2500, and presents an RJ-45 socket for the ethernet cable to plug into.


(If you're really > Real Simple

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Mike Dorn

I might have to do that just so I can say I've done it. :-) Been networking since 1996, and still haven't had to deal with coax....though purely by chance: the place I started my career had thinnet and thicknet, but they never had a problem while I was there.


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