Cheapest Cisco Router for BGP?

What's the absolute cheapest Cisco solution to handle the whole BGP table? I've been told that BGP is not cpu-intensive, so the main thing you need is RAM. So what's the cheapest Cisco router that can be configured with 2 10/100 interfaces and handled the whole table?


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Eric Robinson
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I don't know who told you that but scanning a routing table can be a real cpu hog when you have one or more full feeds.

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Ivan Ostreš

One whole table or two? Inbound soft reconfiguration?


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On 23.03.2005 18:57 Eric Robinson wrote

I don't know if it is the cheapest, but a 1841 with 384 RAM will handle a lot of sessions. The CISCO1841 comes with 2 10/100 interfaces and 128 MB and is $1,395 GPL. You have to add some $$ for a BGP capable version and some other $$ for additional RAM.


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Arnold Nipper

I wouldn't even try it on anything less than 3745's loaded up with RAM. BTW, scanning the routing tables can eat up CPUs.

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Hansang Bae

I am currently running 2 3725's connected to 2 different ISP's. Both routers have 256mb of memory. They recieve full routes using 50% of memory and about

17 - 20% processor. This is with 10mb to the >
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On 25.03.2005 00:26 Hansang Bae wrote

I've a 1841 with 384 MB RAM taking full upstream from 4 ISPs and another

6 partial (~50k pfx). Memory usage is at 64%, cpu is
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