A lack of ethernet modules from Cisco

Back in the old days of the 2600 and 3600 routers, one could buy 1, 2 or 4 port ethernet modules with true routing capability. The latest routers from Cisco dont seem to support this kind of function. I have an 1841 which comes with two 10/100 ports on board. I want to add two more ethernet ports to make it a full 4 port router. But i cant find a suitable module. Cisco do a 4 port etherswitch HWIC. But this isnt layer 3 capable. Any suggestions?

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I had a quick look at this and at least some of the switch modules support L3 VLAN interfces in a similar way to the

4500, 3750 ...

You would allocate a port or ports to a VLAN then

int vlan 23 ip addess x.x.x.x

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I use a 2811 with a 16 port etherswitch module (NM-16ESW). All 16 ports support 'routed mode', i.e. operating in L3. A caveat is that you can't create subinterfaces on these ports. Otherwise in all other aspects, they're the same as normal router interfaces.


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