Cisco OSPF with vmware guest help !!!!


I am currently studying CCNP BSCI and are having trouble doing Cisco OSPF with VMWare 4.5.2 build 8848.

On a a Cisco 2612 router (ip=, I enabled OSPF routing on e0/0 which connects directly to my PC. On a VMware guest running on win2k3 (ip=, I enabled OSPF routing in RRAS and included the ethernet interface. I could ping from the cisco router to the vmware guest and vice verca.

The only problem is that I am having trouble estabilishing neighbor with each other. The cisco router is only able to estabilish up to INIT/DROTHER with the VMware guest while the VMware guest neighbor table is totally empty. The vmware guest shows that it sent packets but never receive nor drop any ospf packets.

I could establish full neighbor state from a cisco router to another cisco router, or from a vmware guest to another vmware guest but not from cisco router to a vmware guest. I have check that the hello packets interval on both cisco and vmware is 10 secs. Both are configured to be in area I even tried RIPv2 routing and it works fine between cisco and vmware guest.

Any input would be highly appreciated.

R1-2600-1#sh ip ospf neigh Neighbor ID Pri State Dead Time Address Interface 1 INIT/DROTHER 00:00:38 Ethernet0/0

R1-2600-1#debug ip ospf packet OSPF packet debugging is on R1-2600-1#

*Mar 1 00:21:57.819: OSPF: rcv. v:2 t:1 l:44 rid: aid: chk:A37C aut:0 auk: from Ethernet0/0 R1-2600-1#

*Mar 1 00:23:47.587: OSPF: Send hello to area on Ethernet0/0 from

*Mar 1 00:23:47.808: OSPF: Rcv hello from area from Ethernet 0/0 *Mar 1 00:23:47.808: OSPF: End of hello processing

Here is a snip of the running-config interface Ethernet0/0 ip address full-duplex

router ospf 1 log-adjacency-changes network area

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After more seaching, I found in the Win2k3 system event log the following

Rejected an OSPF packet from to because the OSPF data length in the OSPF header was 48 but the length calculated from the IP Header fields was 60.

Is this a Cisco IOS bug?? I am running on a Cisco IP 12.3.12a

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Guan Foo Wah

Please ignore this post. I downgrading the IOS to 12.2.27 seems to solve the problem.

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