Bridging with a Cisco 877W


is there another way to bridge between "Dot11Radio0" and "Vlan1" on a Cisco 877W than using "bridge irb" and "bridge 1 route ip"? The problem with the above setup is that it doesn't work with IPv6 at all.

How can I e.g. configure plain layer 2 bridging?

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Matthias Scheler
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As I understand it, there is no way to do IPv6 over wireless in an ISR; this will be supported when/if CSCej50923 is resolved (which will provide IPv6 support for IRB.)



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Aaron Leonard

OK, I give in, I'll top post, just this once:-)

I have no idea if this may help or not in this case however I think that I have configured and used an IP address (IPv4) directly on the Dot11Radio interface.

No bridging at all. Worked fine.

Aar> Matthias,

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