Bridge between 2 Cisco Routers

Hi at all,

I have 2 Cisco routers:

(1) Cisco Soho97 connected to an ADSL line with PPPoA protocol (2) Cisco 2610 connected to the hub in the same LAN of the Soho97

The 2610 doesn't have the WIC ADSL for the moment so I would bridge the two routers to obtain:

1) The Soho97 just connecting to the ADSL line and forwarding ALL to the 2610. 2) The 2610 just receveing all the traffic and rerouting it to the right machine.

Is it possible to do that?

If the answer is yes how should i set the 2 routers?

The reason of a lan configuration like this is that the 2610 can also route Ipv6 and tunnel it over Ipv4 and the, on the contrary the Soho 97 doesn't support it.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you, Aspidus.

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I'm still a student, but the way I read the book, a router can EITHER route or bridge, but not both for any given protocol. But, if I understand, you aren't really wanting to bridge, as in connect two lan segments together. You only have ONE lan segment. You want the soho to forward all traffic to the router that will then break out the IPV6 and IPV4 stuff. Can you put a static route on the soho to route everything to the 2610?

Probably you need to change the soho to be "ip address" and add an "ip address sec> Hi at all,
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You may be able to do this by turning on integrated routing and bridging.

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