Bridging between Serial and Ethernet?

Hi, I'm trying to enable bridging between a serial interface (ppp encapsulated) and an ethernet on a 2800 router. here's the main config:

bridge irb bridge 1 proto ieee

int se 0/0/0:0 encap ppp bridge-group 1

int e0 bridge-group 1 ip address

On the other side of the serial connection, there's another router with similar config. Problem is one host on the ethernet of one router cannot reach the other host on the other router.

Is bridging on PPP supported at all?


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Uto Cen
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What routes are there?

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Hi, as I understand, no routes are required on both routers if bridging works correctly to bridge between the Ethernet and the Serial ports.

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Uto Cen

Theoretically, there is an RFC for extensions ontop of the original PPP RFC's for bridging on it, but why not just eliminate it from the mix and fall back to stock HDLC on the serial links instead since you control both sides? PPP is going to buy you nothing in this setup.

int ser 0/0/0:0 encaps hdlc

which is the default encapsulation for serial ports on IOS. That'll match countless configs done over time for this setup.

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