Bridging Ethernet and WLAN with a Cisco 877W


I'm trying to configure a Cisco 877W to have big LAN which includes the ethernet ports and the 802.11g interface. As a first I enabled "bridge irb" and assigned VLAN 1 to the bridge:

bridge irb [...] interface Vlan1 no ip address bridge-group 1 bridge-group 1 spanning-disabled [...] interface BVI1 ip address

That broke network connectivity to the box completely until I used this command:

bridge 1 route ip

The next thing I tried was getting IPv6 working:

interface BVI1 ip address ipv6 address abcd:1234:5678::2/64 ipv6 enable

IPv6 connectivity does however not work with this configuration. The obvious fix is of course to use "bridge 1 route ipv6". But although that command seems to exist(*) my Cisco doesn't accept it. Both IPv4 and IPv6 work fine if I assign the IP addresses to "Vlan1".

Any ideas how get this setup working?

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Matthias Scheler
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I am also working on the same problem but I want to take it a step further. Not only do I want to bridge my LAN and wireless into one broadcast domain (Vlan) but I want to partition my wireless into more than one ( at least 2) wireless vlans so I can set up a guest ssid and keep it logically separate from my private ssid. I've been search documentation online and all of it that's available online (google) have given information on how to divide the wireless domain into separate vlans on a dedicated Access point (ie. Cisco Aironet 1200 ) while I'm working with a ISR (Integrated Services Router) Cisco device (Cisco 871) which is a router, access point and built-in 4 port switch.

So in the end, I don't know how to do you're trying to do but I ask that when you do find out or if anyone out there knows how please let me know.



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In re the o.p.'s posting:

IPv6 over wireless IRB doesn't work yet. CSCej50923.

In re Adil's desire: configure multiple SSIDs/VLANs on the AP1200. Connect the AP's LAN interface to a FastEthernet on you ISR which is configured for dot1q trunking. Then you can configure the VLANs on the ISR as desired.


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Aaron Leonard

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I'm not connecting a dedicated AP to my ISR. I want to configure wireless VLAN's on the ISR.

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