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I had a quick look at the literature and it doesn't look as if AAA is supported on this device. AAA is supported on a SB 100 (the next model up) and this is stated in the product literature, but as there is not mention of it in the SOHO 97 literature, it seems as though you may have been sold the wrong box :(

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I can't put the command 'aaa new-model' in my router Cisco SOHO 97.

I enter global mode (enable, config t) but when I put 'aaa new-model' it says to me:

********************************************* Router(config)#aaa new-model ^ % Invalid input detected at '^' marker. ********************************************* My IOS version is 12.2. I guess that is enough to support the aaa commands.

Does anyone know how can I enter aaa commands?

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M.G. schrieb:

Try a newer IOS image.

I don't know for the Soho97, but on both Soho91 and Soho96 aaa new-model works, with 12.3(8)T or later. Haven't tried with earlier. Forget what the docs say. Example: The Soho96 can even works as a small EZVPN Server with AES encryption! According to the docs you have to buy a C836 with PLUS featureset, it cannot encrypt as long as use the hardware encryption. If you turn it of, the Soho is as fast as the C836. The docs say you cannot upgrade DRAM or FLASH for the Soho9x. Dropping a DRAM SIMM for a C83x into a Soho9x will give you 48MB RAM!

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Uli ias right actually. An IOS upgrade should sort this out for you (assuming you have the RAM and Flash to support the new image)

The following link explains that TACACS is supported in 12.3(2)XC which is based on a 12.3(1)T image and feeds back into 12.3(4)T. Looks like you need to be running a crypto feature set also ...

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Thank you very much to everyone.

I'll try to update my IOS. This model must support the aaa new-model command because I have used it on others Cisco 97 routers.


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