problem with igrp

hi, I have a problem with my router or IOS version? because when I trying to configure IGRP on my 2620 router say: r1(config)#router igrp 101 ^ % Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

I have only something like this: iso-igrp

my IOS ver: c2600-entbasek9-mz.124-3.bin

where I'm wrong? - please help me. thanks

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Well its only 20 years old? :)

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I think mine is 12.2 or so on a 2610. I had the same error. It sucks cause of my Cisco Academy labs requiring IGRP, but I thought it was my router alone. I will address this issue when I drag my router to school with me tomorrow.

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David M. Schwartz

As it turns out, I ran "router ?" I discovered that ISO-IGRP would be supported except not in my current IOS version and that I should use EIGRP. I hope that may help someone in a similar vein. Good luck to you all! Happy Holidays!

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