Cisco Certification Track(s) - and my experience.

I currently administer a network for a small defense contractor. I take great pride in my job, and do it well. However, I am interested in the cisco certification track. I want to make more $$ in the future, besides having fun working with routers, switches, and network design. I have been using linux for about 10 years, and Windows XP, as long as it has existed. Very hardware oriented, have a somewhat good understanding of tcp/ip at the packet level, but have alot of learning to do, and will chose to learn more gladly.

Going the CCNA, then CCNP, then CCIE track a good track to take over the course of the next 2-5 years? I simply want to expand my knowledge, and make more $$$ down the road in the field I enjoy. Network administration is fun, but I think I want to expand into cisco specialization(s).


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If you have a pretty good handle on day to day router/network administration *AND* you have good study disciplines, then skip the NA/NP router and go for the CCIE track.

Keep in mind that in most cases, your experience will get you the job. But your certifications may land you the interview.

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