help with x10 protocol


I need some help with the x10 protocol, I?m writing an application and I want it to communicate with my CM11 module.

I have sent the command to my module and I get responses but I?m not really sure if the responses I get are correct.

I would really appreciate if someone could send me some kind of log containing communications with a cm11 module.

For example setting module A1 to ON, what command do I send and what responses should I expect.

That would really help me a lot.

Best regards


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There's no documentation with it but...

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is a small application that displays all the bytes sent and received. The bytes are shown in [brackets] and are color coded, with blue being the bytes sent and red being those received. Gray indicates a system message or, when it follows a transmitted packet, the checksum to expect from the CM11A. You can also log the bytes to a text file.

Here's a log of A1, A ON.

05/03/05 7:14:09 AM > [04 66] 05/03/05 7:14:09 AM < [6A] 05/03/05 7:14:09 AM > [00] 05/03/05 7:14:10 AM < [55] 05/03/05 7:14:10 AM > [0E 62] 05/03/05 7:14:10 AM < [70] 05/03/05 7:14:10 AM > [00] 05/03/05 7:14:10 AM < [55]

I assume you have the X-10 documentati>Hi

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Dave Houston

Just in case you are using a Linux machine, this is the list of some free software resources that allow you to control a CM11:

- x10dev

- x10_heyu

Google using this two names and you will find the packages.

I have successfully used the fisrt one and I remember that in debug mode you can get lots of information during X-10 transactions.

I hope this helps. Best regards

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Hex bytes when sending A1 ON: Host = PC, Device = CM11A

Host --> 04 66 (Send address A1) Device --> 6a (Receive checksum of 04 and 66) Host --> 00 (OK, send it out on the power line) Device --> 55 (CM11A ready for next command) Host --> 06 62 (Send function A ON) Device --> 68 (Receive checksum of 06 and 62) Host --> 00 (OK, send it out on the power line) Device --> 55 (CM11A ready for next command)

Regards, Charles Sullivan

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Charles Sullivan

Forgot to mention: When you first power up the CM11A, it will continue to poll for a time update by sending the 0xA5 character to the PC once every second, and will accept no normal commands until it gets a response. You can stop this polling by sending a 0x9B character, whereupon the CM11A will start to accept normal commands. (See the protocol document if you actually need to set the clock in the CM11A.)

Regards, Charles Sullivan

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