Problem emailing through wireless router has me stumped

I'm new to the forum but was hoping someone out there might know something about the problem I'm having. I just moved and switched DSL providers to SBC Yahoo. They sent me the Siemens speedstream 4100 modem which I hooked up to my D-Link DI-614+ wireless router. With all of that, I can't send email (smtp server refuses connection). Everything else works. When I connect the computer directly to the modem, no problems. I also had no problems with this router and my previous DSL setup (Earthlink, Zyxel prestige 645 modem). I tried lowering the MTU rate on my router to 1400 and turning off my windows XP sp2 firewall with no success. So far I've stumped the folks at SBC and D-Link. Anybody have any ideas?


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Are you using your FQDN username to authenticate on the SMTP server?

Port 25 filtering can now be removed by first tier support. Don't forget to power cycle the modem after having the filter turned off.

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