DI-524 Wireless Drops problem solved!....for me atleast

Okay so i've been having problems with packets being dropped between my router and laptop, even when the signal is at 100%. It didnt matter if my laptop was in the right next to the router, still cut your every

10 seconds.

so i decided to check the activity logs and it would say that the packet got droped and all that garbage, and in the NOTE it would say "Default Deny" So I checked my firewall settings, and the only rule that the router was blocking was this:

Deny Default *,* LAN,* *,*

SO being the smart individual that i am, created an oposite rule to allow those rules. And ever since then ive had no reports of packet drops, and have had no problems. Now im not too sure if this rule leaves my network open to attacks, but since i have a decent software firewall im not goin to worry about it.

Hopefully this helps some people, and if someone already figured this out, please dont flame me.


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Its a new router, and ya its a stupid rule if you ask me. Im using the

1.05 firmware and the firwall was set with the rule ativated. I coudnt edit the rule so i had to create the new one.

Ive got my PC and laptop hooked to my dlink. (Laptop is wireless)

Now Im not 100% sure if that wonkey rule I made solved the routers signal drop problems. I notice now that every min or two my signal strength goes to 0 and then comes back again. Poping up that nice windows 'new connection bubble'. But I do know that my router log files are not reporting dropped packets and Im able to stay loged into MSN messenger. Before i set the rule i couldnt stay on for more than

3 min before it disconected.

hope that clears it up



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That sounds strange to have a rule like that. Did you originally set up this router or did you buy it used? Is this the only computer you have that uses the router, or the only one that is wireless?

I know little so I ask lots of questions. lol

later, dave DI-524

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dave AKA vwdoc1

My virus checker is updated daily and i check my system every week. How would that effect my droped packets? not too sure i understand what u mean.

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you might want to update and run your virus checker and a spyware eliminator.

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So it is a wireless problem and the PC is fine?

Are you sure that the router is not placed close to something that might be sending wireless signals out also? Or a cordless phone, microwave, or ???

Could be a defective router and maybe you should try a new one? Maybe a defective adapter in the laptop? Is it also a D-Link 802.11G style?

When I first got mine I had to change the settings in one area (drop from

100,000 to 10,000 I think) to allow it to communicate to my Speedstream DSL router or my plain DSL router. I will have to dig up that info and post it here. :-)

just thinking out loud. later, dave DI-524 working well so far.

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dave AKA vwdoc1

Well my router was kinda close to my monitor, so i moved it to a different local. I also got a new directional antenna which did boost my signal power and helped a bit. Ive read stuff about the 1.05 firmware being crap, and to switch back to 1.02. Im goin to try that and see how it works for me.

THanks for you help though, appreciate the feedback! :)

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did the v1.02 of the firmware work better for you? i just purchased the

DI-524 2 days ago and have been having the same problems: my wireless

link drops every 10 seconds or so. Also, i have another computer that

is plugged into the 10/100 port. every half hour or so, i lose

connection to the router for a couple seconds. is this happening to

anybody else? The router came with 1.05b13 so i upgraded it to 1.05.

That did not fix the problem.

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Sorry, i meant 1.03...but no matter anyways. I couldnt get it to work with that patch version at all.

I've stopped having problems with my drops after i switched back to

1.05. But i think the router is touchy cause i had to update it twice with the same file to get it to work.

Also, try looking at your log file when its online. make sure u enable all your log types in the log setings. If your getting some stuff saying 'dropped packet' with ur IP addi and saying 'defaut deny'. try adding that firwall rule i posted. it seemed to fix my probs just fine.

i also got a directional transmitter, dont know if that will help ur setup. but maybe a bigger antenne will work.

good luck

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i downloaded firmware v1.03 from the D-Link website and installed it.

everything is working okay now.

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okay, i'll upgrade the firmware back to v1.05 and check the logs.

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i upgraded the firmware back to v1.05 (1.05b13 -> 1.05 -> 1.03 -> 1.05)

and the soft reboots no longer occur. however, for wireless

connections, my router renews the DHCP lease approximately every

minute. at first i thought the router was rebooting or the link was

dropping, but that isn't the case. the computers wired to the router

don't lose connections or have their lease renewed. maybe i

misconfigured the wireless settings.

i also noticed a ton of messages like these:

Nov/28/2004 21:38:58 Drop TCP packet from WAN

67.112.XXX.XXX:2902 67.176.XXX.XXX:4899 Rule: Default deny

Nov/28/2004 21:37:26 Drop UDP packet from WAN

64.94.XXX.XXX:11881 67.176.XXX.XXX:33436 Rule: Default deny

those are boxes on the network that are (randomly?) trying to scan the

ports. matt, if you don't want to see the dropped packets messages,

rather than disable the firewall, you can choose not to log them.

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I get a tone of those renews aswell. Im not sure if its a setting or a bug...but they dont cause ne problems for me so far.

I have played arround with the firwall settings, but if i dont dissable that rule, I get dropped connections to my router. Im not sure why, especially if the router was sent with that rule already built in.

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Wow, MATT!! I'm so thankful that I found this post. I've been having

the same exact problems as you were experiencing. Then when I added

that firewall rule, my wireless connection has worked perfectly.

To other users, i have a dl-524 router with a linksys wmp54g wireless


Man... can thank you enough!

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Im glad I could help. I know this problem frustrated me to no ends. Regards,


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