For speedstream 5100a(4 lights) modem users

Hi. Whats the highest SNR u got so far? I only got 10.5/11.0 most of the time, sometimes i could get 12.0 as my highest. Then below 6 for the lowest which was my dsl modem was already out of sync. According to the SNR chart, having below 6 means out of sync could happen, and above 6 but below 11.0 means its still unstable.

Note:signal to noise ratio(SNR). To see the snr through speedstream

5100 login, login first(to gain access to the modem configuration) then click status n statistics then dsl). The speedstream i have was the 4 lights.

I also need some suggestions/recommendations from those knowledgeable about this SNR thingy. If could i increase my SNR? and what should i do if i have low SNR? The longest time i have been connected since we replace our wires last May, was approximately 4 hours, then disconnected due to out of syncing.

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I didn't know you could log into these modems. I have a 4 light Speedstream, the model number is 5100, no A's or B's or anything else.

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