low telephone levels after dsl installation


i just installed the sbc/at&t/yahoo dsl system and it works real good but many of my phone calls, local and distance, seem dim and mutted. is this a drawback with dsl modems? the modem is Siemens Speedstream

4100 Ethernet DSL modem. pretty sure i have all the 'filters' installed right. would appreciate any feedback on this condition. thanks, jim & irene
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Recheck all your filters and the wiring. Then check out the expert advice here:

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Rick Wintjen

No this is not a drawback of DSL. I have DSL and I know of 4 other people that have DSL and none of us have experienced anything like you have. The first thing I would do is disconnect the DSL modem and see if the trouble stays or disappears. If the trouble stays then it sounds like AT&T changed your cable pair when you ordered DSL. If the trouble disappears then it sounds like the DSL modem is the problem.

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