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Recently when my ADSL connection always not consistent, can be disconnected after some time. I'm using PPPoE software to connect. The DSL LED on the modem will start to blink then after that it will try to reconnect. Sometimes even so many times it tries. Anything wrong with the pppoe software or the isp ?

Regards Daniel

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Daniel Tan
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Chances are it is not you, it is your ISP Central Office. this is indicative by the flashing LED on the xDSL modem.

Dave BTW: If you obtain a Cable/DSL Router such as the Linksys BEFSR41 it, not the PC, will make the PPPoE connection and you can remove *all* ISP software from your PC. In addition the Router will act as a Simplistic FireWall and there are models that implement a full FireWall to protect you from Internet worms and hackers. There are many other benefits to such a device as well.

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David H. Lipman

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