Resetting/restarting PPPoE connection

Just wondering if this is the correct/best way to disconnect a PPPoE session and get it setup again:

# config terminal # int dialer 1 # shutdown (pause a few seconds) # no shutdown # end

This works.

But is there a more direct way to accomplish this ?

(this is on a 800 series device (871W)

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JF Mezei
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clear int di 1

I suspect that it's not a exact equivalent - i think I recall cases where it did not "work" and a shut/no shut was needed but it usually "works".

Can also try clear int atm 0.

I have never read the documenatation might be worth a look to see what it says if you plan to use it.

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JF Mezei schrieb:

"clear pppoe int FastEthernet"

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