slow VPN... but not always...

Hi all, and first of all please forgive my poor english! :) I've estabilished a VPN with OpenVPN between my office lan and my home pc; all machines use Win XP pro/home sp2.

I followed the howtos published into its site (using ethernet bridging protocol) and the connection works; I can see all the remote clients from home and my home pc from all machines of the office lan.

I can browse the shared directories and copy files with a reasonable speed (both sides are connected via adsl); for example I can copy a 5 mb file in a couple of minutes. I can also "surf" the internal office web server.

But... al operations on a remote file like opening or saving it are very very sloooow... for example I need a couple of minutes simply to open a

10 kb text file using Notepad. So I have to copy it to my local drive, open, modify and save it, then place it again into the remote directory.

I'm not ad expert but it doesn't seem normal to me... Any suggestion? Something to check? (comp-lzo compression protocol is activated)

I'm stuck... I hope you can help me... m.

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