VPN problem or not?

Hello All,

I got a problem with connection between Outlook and Exchange through VPN. We deployed SonicWALL 2040 PRO, some client-server VPN license available, so we installed the VPN client on several laptops, and tested, the VPN connected successfully and very solid(They are on Wi- FI, signal bar always 4 bars...), but when they opened Outlook on their desktop, the status always showing(Trying to connect...), but user waited a long time, nothing really happened. One or two users sometimes got very lucky it might connect a couple minutes, then not responding...

We tried a couple of things such as change the Outlook Mode, change the mail items download method from full to headers only, we tried to lower the encryption level on SonicWALL from 3DES to DES in case it will degrade the performance. But nothing really changed a lot on user's laptops...

So my question is...I don't think it's a VPN setting problem any more, do you think it's something related with Exchange? Such as if there is any kind of speed/bandwidth requirement for Outlook connecting to Exchange? We actually did a download speed test, before/after the VPN connection established, the result is same - Download speed around

95KB per sec. IS that too slow???

Thanks for your ideas! (I have already posted this to Exchange group, I just want to see if any different opinion here)

Sincerely, Ben

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At work, they changed the Sonicwall from a TZ170 to the 2040 Pro. Initially, it was fine, but then they rearranged networking so it was a backup for an MLPS connection. Ever since, it has been goofy, despite being at Level 1 support from Sonicwall. In order to keep my connection alive (it doesn't drop, it just goes dead), I have a background scheduled task do an 'IPCONFIG /RENEW' once a minute.

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