Cisco 678 filter question

We have a lan here that has approx 20 windows based computers on it. We have dsl and are using a cisco 678 router. What I would like to do is have the 678 *NOT* allow anyone out on port 80 except for a particular server which has IP address The cicso is Then on that server that *does* have access I will run a proxy (ccproxy). All of the other computers will have to point their internet explorer to the proxy to gain access but other network traffic like ftp, audio-streaming, ... would be able to access their resources without the proxy. btw, the reason is that I need to control web access and ccproxy has a simple solution for this.

I have tried various combinations of the 'set filter' command to accomplish this the end result is always the same. Either everything does through or nothing does. Obviously I'm making a mistake.

Could someone please give me the cbos commands to accomplish this?


p.s. - show version displays the following:

CBOS (tm) 678 Software (C678-I-M), Version v2.4.6 - Release Software Copyright (c) 1986-2001 by cisco Systems, Inc. Compiled May 30 2002 15:39:32 DMT FULL firmware version G96 NVRAM image at 0x10310a30

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