Pipex and WAG54G Problems

I seem to be having trouble setting up my Linksys WAG54G.

My ISP is Pipex and although there are many threads relating to similar problems, theres nothing that describes my problem exactly... or none that i could find.

I have set up everything to the settings that it tells me in the linksys manual (ie. PPPoA has been set up along with RFC 1483 Bridged)

Everything seems to be setup ok according to the gateway

the Power led is Solid Green Ethernet 1 is Solid Green WLAN is Solid Green DSL is Solid Green Internet is solid RED

The last light is where i think the problem lys. I've tried adding some information to the settings Ie. VPI=0 VCI=38, IP Mask even some dns servers that i've found on the internet but still nothing. the light won't turn green.

There is nothing the matter with my account as i can still connected using my USB DSL modem on my laptop.

Additional Information. I'm not using a dodgy lead to connect to my comptuter as the lights are flashing away quite merrily at the back of my machine

Think i've covered everything here.

Thanks in advance

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