wag354g and bt broadband

Hi,looking for advice or working configuration details..

I am trying to install a linksys wag354g wireless gateway to replace an existing btVoyager 205 ADSL modem. The modem is working fine, I can access the internet no problem, however when I setup the wag354g I cannot make a connection, I copied the settings from my own wag54g which works ok(BT Network, different provider)

viz: - encapsulation - RFC2364PPPoA VPI 0 VCI 38 Multiplexing LLC MTU Auto DDNS disabled NAT enabled

HOWEVER, the linksys leaflet tells me that multiplexing should be VC ???

Has anyone got a wag354g working on a BT Broadband service at all?

Appreciate any advice on this, thanks

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Jim Hendry
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My WAG354g is set to VC multiplexing & works fine on BT Broadband.

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Malcolm Herring

Thanks Malcolm, I'm back up on Thursday, I'll try that when I'm there. I've heard of other users who have had success after updating the firmware on their units... so will check that out too, Jim

Malcolm Herr>> Hi,looking for advice or working configuration details..

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Jim Hendry

Hi Malcolm,

the unit is now up and running, seems he misquoted his gateway access userid

thats why we weren't connecting... Doh!

thanks again, cheers, Jim

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Jim Hendry

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