Linksys WAG54G - E-Mail alerts?

I have a WAG54G - uk version.
I had a couple of queries - 1. field length for the E-Mail address on
E-Mail alerts (Administration / Reporting) and 2. when WPA is set, the
status /
wireless encryption entry indicates disabled. I was convinced by
Linksys support to upgrade to the latest release of firmware even though
everything else appeared to be working. Neither issue has been addressed
and now, the E-Mail alerts no longer work. I advised Linksys and they say
to see their web site as WPA isn't supported on the WAG54G.
Of course WPA is supported as I have set it up on both my adapter and
gateway to get it working otherwise I wouldn't have a connection! Also,
their web site product data sheet clearly states that WPA is a feature of
the WAG54G.
So, ignoring the "disabled" entry as being simply an indicator that is
wrong, has anyone got E-Mail alerts working with firmware version 1.02.7?
This was working in 1.01.6.
Luckily for me, touch wood, everything else that I use seems okay as looking
around the new groups and forums, Linksys products and firmware seem to be
highly problematic.
I have nothing 'fancy' set i.e. default settings except for the standard
security changes e.g. SSID broadcast disabled, SSID name change, WPA / TKIP
enabled, MAC address permissions.
Any clues on the E-Mail alerts welcomed....also if there's a work round on
the E-Mail field length so that I can use the E-Mail address I want instead
of having to use a shorter, larger unused address.
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