Cannot access websites using Netgear WGR614 wireless router

What type of wireless card do you have? Have you tried it at other Hotspots? How bout friends with other wireless cards, do they get the same prob on your system? You should at least narrow it down to a problem with your ap, your computer, or the wireless card. From your description it sounds like it could be any of them, seems silly to blame it on one device when you don't know which one is causeing the problem..

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Peter Pan
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Hi guys,

I am having a problem accessing certain websites when I am behind a Netgear WGR614 wireless router. The two websites I am having the most trouble with are and ebay. I can access the websites, but when I try to log in, do a search, etc., my computer hangs until I finally get a "server not found" error. It works fine if I connect my computer directly to my DSL modem (Westell 2200). I am also having problems sending e-mail when I am behind the router. I can access most websites just fine; it's just these few that don't seem to work for some reason. I have tried a firmware upgrade, but this didn't help.


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Robert Jacobs

"JOHN PYRZANOWSKI" wrote in news:6sjGd.3662$av2.1311@trndny02:

You should re-flash the router with the current version of the firmware that the router is using and see if that works. Or if there is a latter version, you can try that too. That usually is the problem when you cannot access certain sites for no reason and it seems to be that the firmware is not working correctly in the router.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

My similar problem was solved by reinstalling my print server to DHCP. I found that I had set my PS for Manual and it was not being seen by the router.

Anyway the site I couldn't go to is working fine now.

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Phil Caine

I take it back, the problem is back.

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