BT Issues

First off I hope I have posted this topic in the right section,
apologies if I have not! I have a BT Internet Connection and have done
since May when I moved into a new apartment.
My PC is using a wired connection and my BT Hub is connected directly to
the main socket in the study... For around the past two weeks I have
been experiencing problems and getting error messages that there is ?No
Internet Access? on the PC, but the Hub is all lit up, occasionally
resetting the Hub and restarting the PC would solve the problems, but
not all the time.
I contacted BT on Monday morning and after testing the line from there
end, I was advised for 24 hours to connect the line directly under the
main socket, this I did and for 24 hours + the connection was fine, in
that time I didn?t turn off the modem or reset it.
A call back from BT yesterday told me that possibly the fault was with
the main socket, since there had been no problems connected directly
under the socket and they advised me to keep an eye on it for five days
and call back if any problems.
This morning however once again despite being connected directly under
the socket, I have the same error ?No Internet Access? yet the Hub is
all lit up, I?ve reset it bla bla bla and still there is no connection.
Another call to BT, and they now till me there is a circuit issue fault
possibly and will work on it over the next 48 hours and call me back.
Sorry I don?t half waffle... I guess I am looking to find out what the
circuit issue could be and where the circuit is, would this be outside
in the main BT box...
Is it possible that workmen in the area have disturbed something, there
is a massive amount of roadwork?s and digging happening outside my
property on one major main road, workmen have been there since September
and have another six months of work to do.
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