Reporting faults on BT lines

My ISP provides ADSL over my existing BT PSTN line. When the ISP considers there is a fault on that PSTN line, why is he saying he is not allowed to report it mon my behalf to BT? Any ideas?

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Any number of reasons ranging from a lazy ISP CS droid to the contract between the ISP and BT.

So why are you wasteing time asking us? Pick up the phone and call BT. After all, BT will be the one who fixes it.

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Rich Greenberg

The telco regulations protect your relationship with the LEC pretty closely, the line is controlled by the LEC, you potentially could have a repair bill on your line with the LEC. The regulations don't allow

3rd parties to talk to the LEC on your behalf.

Its not like the ISP is pushing things off on you, but the LECs don't let the ISPs control too much, for fear of slaming and misc bills that people refuse to pay.

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Doug McIntyre

I agree with it.

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