Netgear MP101 & BT Homehub

Does anyone have experience of the Netgear MP101 Wireless Digital Music Player working wirelessly with BT Home Hub.

I purchased the MP101 2/3 years ago now and perversely , for several reasons have not tried it out until recently. Ironically I attempted to do this just after I had switched from using Netgear DG834GT wireless router to BT Home Hub. I cannot get the MP101 to work wirelessly with the BT home hub. It will work perfectly with Home hub using the Ethernet connection. When trying to set up wirelessly it will "associate" with BT Home Hub ( after entering passphrase) but then can not get an IP address from the home hub. When it then allocates an IP address it cannot "find a server " The server is the software on the PC that "serves" the music files. The MP101 has the latest firmware upgrade . I upgraded using the Ethernet connection By way of test I then reverted to the Netgear RouterDG 834GT ( which I had also not used the MP101 with previously. It works perfectly both wireless and Ethernet. So I am pretty sure I am setting up the MP101 correctly. It seems to be a difference between the Netgear router and the BT Homehub.

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Richard Morley
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On Fri, 26 Jan 2007 19:02:46 -0000, "Richard Morley" wrote in :

Have you tried it with _all_ wireless security (temporarily) turned off? That's the best way to start troubleshooting wireless problems.

Does the BT Homehub have a status page that shows connected wireless and/or DHCP clients?

Can you ping the MP101? See


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John Navas

The Home Hub is one of those devices that comes "out of the box" pre-configured with WEP. There could be one of the usual problems where the user has to make sure the "Authentication" is set to "open" and he has to use the "Manual Key" when setting up the WEP key on the MP101. The manual set up on the Home Hub is not very user friendly until you have changed settings a few times.

Yes, the "Home" page supposedly shows connected devices. I don't know whether mine is odd but if I switch off my ethernet connected PC the Hub says that it is still connected ,on the home page, and if I check on the "Local Network Devices" page it shows as having been detected. If you then click on it's icon you will then find out that it is now inactive. This is not exactly user friendly for beginners. The "Associate Wireless" button is also the "Reset" button so you have to be careful how long you press it. I set my Hub up manually to avoid problems.

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On Fri, 26 Jan 2007 20:08:06 +0000, Rob wrote in :

Very important to enter all WEP keys in _hex_ (not ASCII) -- otherwise, key mismatch would be a distinct possibility.

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John Navas

It does state in the set up guide that the default WEP key is 10 Character Hexadecimal. One person I know did have a connection problem with a USB Wireless Dongle and the only way we could get it to work was by changing the "allow new devices" from "New Stations are Allowed (via registration)" to "New Stations are Allowed (automatically)". This can be done on the "Wireless Access Point" configure page in the Home Hub.

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